Vote on Nov. 3rd!

It's been a busy three months, and we're down to the final week. Please vote! Get engaged and involved in your community - many cities are having elections on Nov. 3rd, for school board, mayor, city council, and more. If you want your voice heard, speak up.

I've learned a couple of things in the last month or so of knocking on doors:

  • People are generally happy with the city, and looking forward to the future - most are excited about the upcoming redevelopment (though there are concerns), and while many will miss Mayor Maxwell, they're enthusiastic about welcoming in someone new.
  • There are questions - about how and why certain policies exist (or don't) and if we can change them, about what redevelopment is (and isn't) happening and how they can learn more, and they want to know more about opportunities to get involved with the city.

No matter the outcome of this election, our future looks bright to me. I am incredibly grateful to live in Hopkins, and thankful for this opportunity to meet so many amazing people. 

PS - If you do have questions about the city, please feel free to reach out to me any time (regardless of the election's outcome). I'm always happy to help, and can at least point you in the right direction.