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Very exciting day over at the Campbell home. I officially filed for candidacy in the 2015 municipal election for the 2-year city council position in Hopkins. If you live in Hopkins and you've never been to city hall, let me tell you - it is always a treat. The people there are really nice and helpful, quick to respond to questions, and tend to go above and beyond what one might expect from a city government office. The city offices are often your first introduction to life in a community, and Hopkins makes a great first impression.

When moving to Hopkins, our moving truck was parked in a street in Connecticut (legally). A neighbor called the police because he couldn't back into his driveway with the placement of the truck. We were unable to reach anyone at that city hall despite it being mid-day on a weekday, and were told that if we received another complaint we could be fined. Thinking ahead, we called Hopkins to see if there was anything we should do to avoid a similar situation. We talked to the appropriate person right away, who also left messages with the police department as we were going into a holiday weekend and may have not been able to get everything filled out in time.