A day in the life...

For those of you who are wondering how an average day on the campaign trail goes, this is for you! This Monday's live blog:

  • 5:00AM - Wake up with the dogs, feed them, let them out
  • 5:34AM - Get running! 4 miles, ran a bit slower because my calves were aching from yesterday's door knocking (so many stairs!). Walked and chatted a bit with someone I met yesterday.
  • 7:30AM - Arrive at work. Here's a pic of me at my standing desk. Goal running times on one whiteboard, to-do list on another, and SAS code on the screen. I'm usually streaming music throughout the day, with bright headphones so people know they'll need to get my attention.

12PM: lunch and research, prepping for tomorrow night's candidate forum. Checked in with the hopkinsmn.com site to look at current projects and notice that the latest update on the SWLRT is from July. For those who haven't checked the meeting minutes, municipal consent passed during the council meeting on the 15th.

4:45PM: Jonathan is running late, so we're going to miss each other for dinner. Feed the dogs, heat up leftovers from Pub 819 (Thai chicken flatbread - yum!). Map out directions for my evening.

6PM: Minnetonka and Hopkins have a few joint meetings - important with the Shady Oak SWLRT station really connecting the towns. 

6:10PM: apparently the "light dinner" part of the agenda is happening elsewhere


6:20PM: Yep, my fault. They're downstairs! 

8:30: returning a call from someone responding to my door knock pamphlet during a break. Good to know my writing is legible :) 

9:45PM: Home, bed. Excited for tomorrow's forum!