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I believe that any functioning city should have safety as its first priority. Safety concerns show up in all sorts of ways, from crime to prevention of accidents. I'm looking forward to the renovations on Blake Road that will allow us to address safety issues that occur now. We've been able to advocate for increased lighting and other features, including a tunnel at the trail crossing to make that area safer for pedestrians and bicycles as traffic there increases.

Accessibility for all

Accessibility for all is incredibly important to me and my family. With the city planning so much development in the near future, we need to have as many voices as we can ensuring that all people, regardless of ability level, can utilize our amenities safely. This can be in many forms - ramps, widened doorways,  tactile maps, beeping traffic controls, etc.

Affordability, Community

We need to reach out to the entire city,  including all income levels and a variety of cultures. Hopkins does a great job providing affordable housing, and I hope to help the city continue this work in the future. I want to ensure that future developments reflect the changing needs of our city, including truly affordable housing, larger units for larger extended families that live together, etc.


I am proud to announce that in 2015 my values and qualifications have earned me a Resolution of Support from the Minnesota DFL Senate District 46, and an endorsement from the womenwinning State PAC.